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What are the components of the indoor full-color LED display rental screen?


Indoor rental full-color LED display consists of: indoor led display, led module, led rental box, led power supply special series, led power cord, cable, various screws, led control system, aviation plug, flight case, etc. Material composition.

1. The indoor LED display screen generally includes a cabinet, a module, a power supply, connecting wires, etc. (the indoor fixed installation screen can be adsorbed by a bracket magnet without the cabinet according to the actual situation);

2. Computer: Generally, a desktop computer is used for fixed installation, and a common leased notebook is used together with an external sending card;

3. LED controller system: Generally, if the screen is not too large, only one sending card is used. The receiving card is actually calculated according to the length and height of the screen. We will give an appropriate amount to ensure the display effect and cost (individual color LED Display items can be controlled remotely or wirelessly according to actual requirements).

4. Power distribution cabinet: Don’t configure it in the hardware store for the sake of cheapness. It’s very unprofessional. We purchase.

5. Video processor: Generally, if the information update is not very frequent for a small fixed-installation screen, it can be used without live broadcasting. If it is a large screen or live broadcasting, it needs to be purchased;

6. Multi-function card: It can provide temperature, humidity, brightness and other parameter collection, and can realize functions such as automatic brightness adjustment. Suggest customer configuration;

7. Power amplifier and audio: purchase according to the installation environment, indoor needs waterproof, customers can buy it by themselves, or we can provide it together;

8. Main connecting wires: mainly the cables from the power source to the power distribution cabinet, from the power distribution cabinet to the screen, and the communication main network cable from the control computer to the main screen. These are generally prepared by the customer. The wires between other screens are provided by us;

9. Steel frame structure: we provide full-color LED display CAD reference design drawings, customers can make it locally, or contracted by our company;

10. Heat dissipation equipment: In general, indoors generally do not need special heat dissipation equipment in a normal environment. Generally, air conditioners and axial fans are installed indoors to dissipate heat in order to improve the stability and life of the display.

11. Logistics and transportation: The customer is responsible for the freight. Generally, the logistics is paid on delivery. The land transportation is affordable, and the air transportation is relatively expensive. For example, a customer of LED display in Dalian travels from Shenzhen to Dalian, and the transportation cost per square meter is about 260 yuan.

12. Flight case: Generally, leasing customers only need to buy it. One flight case can hold 4-6 display cabinets.

In addition to the stage background, the led rental full-color LED display can also be used for indoor advertising and publicity, and can also release information to enrich people’s cultural and entertainment life.

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