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LED Ball Screen

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LED Ball Screen
Toosen is a factory that can provide OEM and ODM services. 
We are the most mature developer and manufacturer of spherical led screen technology. We produce in bulk, so our prices are very competitive. 
The spherical led screen is a high-end design currently on the market, with a strong sense of technology.
Spherical screens come in different diameters, shapes and pixel pitches, suitable for different occasions - planetariums, science and technology museums, schools, etc.

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LED Ball Screen

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Toosen factory produce P1.25/ P1.5/ P1.8/ P2/ P2.5/ P3/ P4/ P5/ P6/ P8/ P10 pixel pitch spherical LED display screen. Can customize any diameter and pixel pitch as needed,support indoor outdoor hanging installation, stand onground or mobile use. We have strong delivery capabilities, with a diameter of 0.2m/ 0.3m/ 0.4m/ 0.5m/ 1m/ 1.2m/ 1.5m/ 2m/ 2.5m/ 3m spherical LED screen that can be delivered within 3 days.

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This section presents testimonials from some of our partners who use our LED products in their projects. By reading these reviews,you will be able to learn more about the benefits and advantages of our LED products and factories,and why you should choose us as your LED partner.

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  • I have been working with the LED factory for over a year now,and I am very impressed by their products and service. Their LED products are of high quality,durable,and energy-efficient. They have a wide range of LED types,sizes,colors,and brightness to suit any project. They also provide excellent customer support and after-sales service. They are always ready to answer any questions,solve any problems,and offer any advice. They are a professional and trustworthy LED partner,and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs LED products.


  • The LED factory is one of the best LED suppliers I have ever dealt with. Their LED products are amazing,they have everything I need for my projects. Their LED products are of superior quality,they last long. They are friendly,and their delivery is prompt and secure. They also have a great customer service team,they are friendly and helpful,and they always follow up with me to make sure I am satisfied with my order. They are a dependable and honest LED partner,and I will definitely order from them again.


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We provide a full range of indoor and outdoor LED screens,shaped LED screens.spherical LED screens,widely used in advertising,highways,concerts,shoppingmalls,banks,sports venues,exhibitions and other places.