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Floor Tile LED Screen

Application:Indoor/ Outdoor
Panel Size:500X50mm/ 500x1000mm
Supplier Type:Original manufacturer, ODM, Other, OEM
Place of Origin:China
Model Number:P2.5/ P2.6/ P2.9/ P3.9/ P4.8
Use:advertising publish, welcome display,Meeting rooms, shopping malls,Concerts, Churches, Exhibitions.
Pixel Pitch:2.5mm/ 2.6mm/ 2.9mm/ 3.9mm/ 4.8mm
Product name:Floor tile LED screen
Refresh rate:≥3840Hz-7680hz
Control system:Synchronous/ Asynchronous control system

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Why Choose Us
Floor Tile LED Screen  factory
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Characteristics of Interactive Tile LED Screen

1) Supports intelligentinteractivefunction, people can interactwith the dance floor leddisplay,enhance the interestingness,reach highrealistic immerslve sceneexperience.Built-in interaction system,16 sensors in each module. 2) Installs and offers support and maintenance for Digital LED screens for a variety of applicatlons. 3) A selection of Pixel Pitches and brightness optionsare available from only 2.5mm upwards and we willadvise on the most appropriate pitch dependingupon the content to be displayed. 4) Featured with point-to-face contact and support technology,the loading capacity is over 2000kg/㎡ 5) The modules mask is constructed from high transparency andwear-resistant material, for excellent anti-scratch and anti-wear performance.
Product Description
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* No delay in interaction effects
* Easy to repair
* Highly stable
* Wide viewing angle
* Adjustable height
* Super load bearing performance
Floor Tile LED Screen  manufacture
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Toosen Interactive floor LED display is the ideal choice for brands or sellers to interact with customers. Among all the similar products, it stands out with its unique competitive advantages.

◆ Uniform color, high contrast, brightness can be adjusted, clear natural
◆ Low power, low calorie, energy saving
◆ Ultra-wide angle of view, expand audience
◆ Patented mask design plus unique ink treatment, presenting industry-leading super high contrast
◆ Signal, power supply is stable, safe and reliable
◆ Box multiple waterproof design, single box detection factory, protection rating IP66
◆ Classic module design, superior product performance, stable
◆ The cabinet does not need to add any peripheral protection equipment, such as tempered glass, acrylic, PC board, etc., directly stepping on!
Floor Tile LED Screen  manufacture
Floor Tile LED Screen  factory
Product Case
Floor Tile LED Screen  supplier
Iron Cabinet Details
Floor Tile LED Screen  details
Floor Tile LED Screen  manufacture
Floor Tile LED Screen  supplier
Product Paramenters
Pixel Pitch
2.5 mm
2.604 mm
2.976 mm
3.91 mm
LED Type
Physical Density
160000 dot/m²
112896 dot/m²
112896 dot/m²
65536 dot/m²
Scanning Mode
Panel Size (W×H×D)
500x500x120 mm/500x1000x120 mm
Panel Material
Die Casting Aluminum/iron
Panel Weight
Panel Flatness
≤0.10 mm
≥2500 cd/㎡
Viewing Angle
≥140° (H) / 140° (V)
Refresh Rate
Input Voltage AC
Max. Power Consumption
≤700 w/㎡
Ave. Power Consumption
≤300 w/㎡
Working Temperature
Working Humidity
Loading Capacity
Protection Grade
≥100,000 hrs
Floor Tile LED Screen  manufacture
Floor Tile LED Screen  details
About us
Floor Tile LED Screen  supplier
Floor Tile LED Screen  supplier
Floor Tile LED Screen  manufacture
Floor Tile LED Screen  details
Floor Tile LED Screen  details
Q1:Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
A1:We are a Professional OEM/ODM manufacturer.which has specialized in led display industry for more than 7 years.
Q1:How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A1.The lamp beads used in our LED display are all genuine lamp beads.We are do not need to be used scattered lights and tail
lights. Using silver-containing solder paste, pure copper power cords and short cables, a good screen is our commitment to every
Q1:What is your MOQ?
A1.Any quantity is acceptable for your order. And the price is negotiable for large quantity.
Q1.How about your Warranty term?
A1. Calculated from the goods to the customer, the warranty period is 2 years, don’t worry, there is a problem with the module,
you can send it back to Shenzhen for repair.
Q1:When will you make the delivery?
A1.We can make the delivery within 3-5 working days for the led modules and 10-15 days for the led finished screen according to the
size and quantities of your order.
Q1. Your nearest shipping port